Canopy Plant of the month: The Calathea Ornata

Canopy Plant of the month: The Calathea Ornata

How to care for the Calathea Ornata and why we love it

Native to South America our tropical-loving Calathea Ornata hails from the Prayer Plant family. The Calathea family has over 300 hybrids (imagine the Christmas dinners) and our favourite is also known as Pinstripe Plant or Pinstripe Calathea. Characterised by dark glossy leaves with signature pink stripes and a dark purple underside, it’s a hugely popular houseplant and office plant and a firm favourite at the Canopy Plants studio. We know you love it too so here is our guide on how best to care for yours, the common problems and how to fix them.

Why we love

All hail those beautiful stripes. The glossy leaves and bright pink stripes brighten up any corner and we love the Calathea Ornata for its air-purifying qualities and the fact that it is pet friendly. Its large foliage means it looks great as part of a collection of plants as well as being striking on its own.

How to care for your Calathea Ornata

The Calathea Ornata loves humidity and wet soil so if you’re enthusiastic with the watering can then this is the plant for you. It can typically handle a little over-watering but make sure it isn't sitting in a puddle of water. It’s best to have a decorative pot to sit your nursery pot in. Our Blue Raku pot is a beautiful contrast and the perfect size. During summer months water every week or fortnight and during winter water every two to four weeks, depending on how dry the soil is.


Wondering which soil is best for the Calathea Ornata? Soil with bigger clumps or a little moss is great for retaining water and keeping the soil moist. Avoid soil that is very compact or heavy as it is likely to dry out quicker.


As a tropical plant the Calathea Ornata loves being in a warm and bright place. A south or west facing window with indirect sunlight for most of the day is the best place to find a home for your Pinstripe Plant. Make sure it isn’t in lots of direct sunlight so the stripes on the leaves don’t fade.

Common Problems

The Calathea Ornata can be a little fussy! The most common problems are a slight browning on the tips of the leaves or a curling of the leaf. This will be due to lack of humidity or a long stint in direct sunlight so listen to what the leaves tell you! If the stripes on your plant begin to fade a little, this is because of too much direct sunlight so change your plants home.


Why wouldn’t you want more of a good thing? If you want to propagate your pinstripe beauty, it is best to do so in spring or summer. Carefully separate the roots and their connecting foliage and repot.

There we go - our guide on how to care for a Calathea Ornata! Don’t forget to share your snaps of your happy plants with us using!

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