Canopy Plant of the month: The Monstera Minima

Canopy Plant of the month: The Monstera Minima

Everyone’s favourite plant; how to care for the Monstera Minima

Monstera Minima, Dwarf Monstera, Monstera Ginny, Mini Monstera - many names; one great plant. The little sister of the Monstera Deliciosa, the Minima hails from Southern Thailand and Malaysia. Wide bright, glossy leaves are quick growing and characterised by ‘splits’ in its leaves that appear early in its life cycle. A vining plant, these guys grow sideways so support its growth with a bamboo or moss stick or use pins to guide its growth along your wall.

Why we love

Compact, cute and oh so easy to please. The Monstera Minima is a beauty and ticks all the right boxes if you’re new to the plant game and need a beginner-friendly plant. It grows super quickly so that feeling of being a good plant-parent comes round fast. It is air-purifying to boot and simple to care for. Join the Monstera Minima Fan Club with us.

How to care for your Monstera Minima

Look after your Monstera Minima and it too shall look after you. Overwatering will be the death of your plant; only water when the top two inches of the soil are dry. Use a draining pot to ensure the roots don’t get soggy and give it a little support to help it grow in the direction you would prefer. A general all-purpose houseplant compost soil will keep your Monstera happy.


A well-draining soil is the friend of the Alocasia Zebrina; a nutrient rich, perlite and compost mix is best.


A sunshine lover. The Monstera Minima likes it hot (baby) so pop your plant in bright, indirect sunlight. Prolonged, direct sunlight will scorch its beautiful leaves so keep a close eye and move it if they start to brown or yellow at all. It can tolerate a lower level of light if you don’t have that south-facing window we all dream of, but alas the growth will be a little slower.

Common Problems

The old yellow leaf is a risk here; if your plant leaves start to yellow it (nearly) always means there has been too much direct sunlight and the leaves have got a scorching. Keep watch on your Monstera Ginny and move it out of the light if necessary. ‘Leggy’ stems are another potential issue, if your plant is looking a little scraggly shall we say, it usually mean light levels are too low. If the leaves are dropping or drooping, give it a little water and it will revive.


Green fingers rejoice, it is easy to propagate your Monstera Minima and produce babes for your friends. Simply cut a leaf with a node and (preferably) a leaf and transfer to water for a couple of weeks and wait for the magic to happen.

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