Plant Care Tips

Plant care

Canopy Plants Care Tips

There are so many different ways you can look after your houseplants that it can sometimes be confusing to know what is best to do.

But don’t worry! Here are our top five tips with handy illustrated guides so you can keep your plants happy and healthy.

Top tip number one: water your plants correctly.

Over and under watering are some of the most common houseplant mistakes. Often over zealous plant lovers kill their plants with kindness by over watering them. Of course care varies from plant to plant, for example cacti and succulents require less water than most other houseplants. See below our general rule of thumb for watering, this method accounts for seasonal changes and variation in plant positions.

Top tip number two: turning plants to manage light.

Other than water, the thing plants need most is light. Plants will grow towards their light source because they need it to survive. It is important to rotate your plants every now and then so that they can grow straight and tall. By rotating, you can make sure all the leaves are getting light to help keep your plant’s growth even.

Top tip number three: keep your plant clean.

Keeping your plant’s leaves clean helps them to be able to photosynthesise properly and stay happy and healthy. The banana skin method is an eco friendly way to clean your plant’s leaves without damaging them or the planet - it is especially effective for plants with large leaves but may not be suitable for plants with smaller or more complex foliage.

Top tip number four: how to repot your plant.

It is important to upgrade your plant’s pot as it grows so it doesn’t become root bound. It is best to repot in early spring when plants will be coming out of their dormant winter period and starting to grow more quickly.

Top tip number five: the power of plants.

This one speaks for itself!

If you have any specific plant queries we are more than happy to help, please contact us at #plantstothepeople