Workplace Plants

Here's how we can transform your office or workplace, quickly! We love to advise on plants for all types of spaces, desks, planters, meetings rooms and break out spaces. We can specify plants and planters, install and maintain. For cleaner air and greener views at any stage of your design process, get in touch with us! / 

Here's what we did for Milberg London LLP

Smaller spaces need plants too, we're here to help

Here's what we did for Cleanprose

Indoor plants aren't just for the home. Whether it’s for your office, shop or cafe, having a greener workplace can dramatically improve your working environment. Being closer to the natural world is better for your wellbeing and mental health, so if you can't work in nature bring nature to your work.

We love helping you make your workplaces greener. We offer a bespoke service, supplying as many or as few, easy to care for plants as you need to make your workspace blossom! To get the ball rolling drop us an email and tell us everything we need to know about your workspace and we will be in touch to bring your botanical vision to life.